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50% of Australians don't have a legal Will for their Australian Estate. Now we make it easy for you not to be one of them and we can even help you with your Digital Estate!

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You need an oziWill : If you live in Australia you should have one Will to ensure that your Estate goes to the people you choose and not to whom a government official decides for you.

With a Gold or Silver oziWill you can be certain that your loved ones will be looked after the way you want them to be. You can create your oziWill in the comfort of your own home whenever you want to and unlike some other products, it never expires.

We are the innovators with Adobe technologies in Aussie DIY Wills Kits.
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You need an iWill : If you are an Australian living in the USA, with an Estate in both countries, you need two Wills. One for your Australian Estate and one for your USA Estate.

Both need to be carefully written so that one doesn't revoke (i.e., cancel) the other. We can look after your Will for your Australian Estate with our iWill and we can provide you with the relevant clause to be included in your American Will so both Wills can legally co-exist.

We are the only company providing DIY Wills Kits for Aussies abroad.
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  • Attractive aussie woman

    I have been putting this in the “to-do” list for years and then I found the oziWill. Yep, it really is simple & guess what? ……. now I have a valid Will! THANKS :)

    Jenni, Rosebud VIC
  • Attractive elderly woman

    The Knowledge Center had everything I needed to create my first valid Will. And if my circumstances change, I can simply change it at no extra cost. The Adobe technology really works well!

    Marion, Sydney, NSW
  • Aussie Woman in California

    This is the ONLY DIY product I have found for Aussies living outside of Australia and it perfectly covered our needs. And your six-step process was so easy to follow and use. Keep up the great work.

    Lesley, Menlo Park, CA
  • Testimonial by David

    Lived in the US >20 yrs & looked at this previously. Too complex & expensive so I put it in my 2 hard basket. My wife gave me the iWill for my Bday….. yeah Ha Ha! But now it’s all done. Thanks AW.

    David, Georgetown, TX
  • Woman with beautiful dark hair

    Our beneficiaries will thank you, but hopefully not for a very long time. The Adobe technology is amazing & takes the worry out of creating a Will.  We saved enough $ to go on another cruise!

    Stacey, San Diego, CA
  • Woman in pink sweater

    “No Worries Review” is the way to go with Platinum. My husband is a busy NYC executive and just never had the time to get this done. With our Platinum iWill it was executed in a week.

    Michelle, Jersey City, NJ
  • Testimonial by Paul in Fremantle WA

    I was asked by some dear friends to be their Executor. They had a Couples Gold oziWill & the process was easy to follow. We all learnt a lot & I found the Executor's Guide invaluable.

    Paul, Freemantle, WA

What is my Digital Estate?

The Internet plays a major role in most of our lives without our realising it. We store an immense amount of information from our personal and professional lives online. Our email accounts, utility bills, insurance policies, social media pages, digital albums, online bank accounts are some of the examples of our growing digital footprint.

We collect various items as we grow at different stages of our lives. What used to be a collection of stories, an archive of classic movies or a stack of letters is now mainly digital in our growing age of technology. With the help of our smart phones, laptops and tablets everything is stored digitally. Stacks of letters are now emails, story collections are now eBooks and classic movies are now stored online. This is your Digital Estate

What happens to your social media accounts when you are no longer here

Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all handle the passing away of their users differently when it comes to memorialising or freezing accounts. Deleting the accounts can be a cumbersome and sometimes impossible process.

Include your Digital Estate in your Will today

Continuous digitisation and penetration of the Internet in our everyday life has made our digital assets valuable. Like other valuable things, digital assets need to be managed during our life and protected after we pass away.

Your Executor should have the power to access, handle, distribute and dispose of your digital assets. If you purchased either the Gold or Platinum packages, the digital assets clause is included in your iWill or oziWill.